Eating for Me

Meal prep on point - tailored just for you!

Stacey G. - Owner

I started meal prep/ food prep to make sure I could help hold myself accountable from the food aspect.  I was terrible at eating what I was supposed to, and had a hard time meeting my caloric needs on the fly - or at all.  Once I started food prepping I found it was much easier to meet my food goals.  The more I did it, the easier it became.  Then I wanted others to try it.  Then I wanted to do it for others who wouldn't try it because it seemed overwhelming to them.  The more I did it for others, the more I realized I had a knack for it, and there was a need for it.  An in-expensive need for it.  Hence why we do it the way we do, one meal for all helps keeps the expenses down.  I want everyone who wants an opportunity to be able to try it, and I don't want money to be the excuse to not to!

My journey does not end will continue to evolve.  I want to motivate, encourage and inspire others. If I can do it, I know you can do it too!  You can follow my personal journey on IG @beeempowered.   Thanks ~ Stacey

I started on a weight loss journey in 2014.  What started as a last ditch effort to better myself ended up changing my entire life, and for the better!  I was broken, newly divorced and had started drinking to numb myself daily.  I was lost, struggling mentally and physically, and was overwhelmed as I had become a single parent to three young children.  Each day as I started losing weight and getting stronger both mentally and physically, I began to find pieces of myself again.  I found happiness, hope, and a new belief in myself - I could, and would, conquer and do anything!  I decided to go back to college and work on graduating with a degree.  I started out in psychology, but the more time and energy I put into the gym, the more the fitness and nutrition world intrigued me.  I changed my degree into Health and Wellness, with a minor in Nutrition.